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  • Diabetes & Heart Healthy Cookbook by American Heart Association ©2014
  • Canada’s Diabetes Meals for Good Health by Karen Graham ©2008
  • Choice Menus: Cooking for One or Two by Marjorie Hollands ©2011
  • Dietitians of Canada: Cook! ©2011
  • Leslie Beck’s Health Kitchen ©2012
  • Broccoli, Love & Dark Chocolate by Liz Pearson ©2014
  • The Loonyspoons Collection by Janet & Greta Podleski ©2011
  • Yum & Yummer: Ridiculously Tasty Recipes That Will Blow your Mind, But Not your Diet! By Greta Podleski ©2017
  • Nourish: Whole Food Recipes Featuring Seeds, Nuts & Beans by Nellie Cornish & Cara Rosenbloom, RD ©2016
  • Healthy Starts Here!: 104 Recipes That Will Make you Feel Great by Mairlyn Smith ©2011
  • Homegrown: Celebrating the Canadian Foods we Grow, Raise & Produce by Mairlyn Smith ©2015
  • Peace, Love & Fibre: Over 1000 Fibre-Rich Recipes for the Whole Family by Mairlyn Smith ©2019
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