Diabetes & Foot Care

Over time, diabetes can cause damage to our nerves, particularly those in our hands & feet. This is known as neuropathy.

If you have neuropathy, you may notice tingling, numbness or burning in your hands or feet. Sometimes you may have no feeling at all in these limbs meaning you may not notice or feel a foot injury such as a blister or cut. Having neuropathy increases your risk for infection, foot ulcers & amputation. There is no cure for neuropathy though it can be managed with proper foot care, medications & maintaining good blood sugar control.

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People with diabetes should have a foot exam competed at least once a year by a healthcare provider. This may be done at your doctor’s office or by your diabetes team. Your diabetes team may complete a 60-second Diabetes Foot Screen with you during your appointment. In this assessment, a Certified Diabetes Educator will assess the skin & nails on your feet, evaluate if there are any bony deformities (e.g. bunions, corns, callouses, etc.) or amputation sites, assess the range of motion & temperature of your feet as well as the appropriateness of your footwear. The Certified Diabetes Educator will also assess for any loss of sensation in your feet using a single-use 10g monofilament. Use of this monofilament will not cause a break in your skin & should not be painful.

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