Type 1 Diabetes & Insulin Pumps

An insulin pump is a medical device used primarily by individuals with type 1 diabetes to deliver insulin instead of having to inject insulin multiple times a day with an insulin syringe or pen.

The insulin pump delivers rapid-acting insulin through a tiny plastic tube under the skin by:

  1. Providing a continuous trickle or infusion of insulin 24 hours a day that replaces long-acting basal (background) insulin such as Lantus or Tresiba.
  2. Provides the individual the ability to bolus insulin doses several times throughout the day to cover the carbohydrate eaten during a meal or snack as well as to correct for high blood sugars.
Omnipod Insulin Pump

Insulin pumps are becoming more popular. It is therefore, very important that you know how to use an insulin pump properly. At the Huron Perth Diabetes Program (Stratford & Goderich sites only), Certified Diabetes Educators who are also Certified Pump Trainers will help you learn how to use an insulin pump safely. Our team will also help you with the application for funding should you need it.

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