5 to Drive Guidelines

To keep you & others on the road safe, it is important that you follow these guidelines particularly if you take a diabetes medication that can cause a low blood sugar such as insulin or an insulin secretagouge.

Before Driving:

1. Prepare your car & make sure you have a supply of:

  • A quick sugar source (e.g. 15g of glucose tablets)
  • Non-perishable snacks (granola bar or portion packaged cookies)
  • Your blood glucose meter and test strips

2. Blood Sugar Testing:

  • Test your blood sugar immediately before driving
  • Test your blood sugar every 4 hours if you are driving long distances

3. Blood sugar should be “over 5.0mmol/L to drive”:

  • Commercial drivers should maintain a blood sugar over 6.0mmol/L

4. If you have a low blood sugar (less than 4.0mmol/L):

  • Treat the low blood sugar with 15g of quick sugar first such as:
    – Drink ¾ cup juice OR regular pop
    – OR Have 15g of glucose tablets
  • Retest your blood sugar in 15 minutes. If it is still below 4.0mmol/L, RETREAT with quick sugar.
    – Once your blood sugar is above 4.0mmol/L & it will be more than 1 hour before your next meal, have a small snack of 15g of carbohydrate + a source of protein. For example ½ meat sandwich or 6 crackers with cheese

5. If you had a low blood sugar, you must wait for 45-60 minutes before you begin to drive again.


While Driving:

If you think that your blood sugar is low (you’re shaky, sweaty, confused):

  1. Immediately pull off the road.
  2. Remove your keys from the ignition.
  3. Test your blood sugar.
  4. Treat a low blood sugar as described above.


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